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Thursday, December 02, 2004

time goes by..

Its only three weeks left and then I`ll be back in snowy Finland. I`ve been watching pictures from Helsinki from the net and it looks like every winter=cold. One week ago it was funny, but now when I`m thinking that I`ll be standing in the snow so soon, well, it is just not that funny anymore.

What have I learnt and expirienced here in Barcelona? What will I miss? What I would like to take with me back home? These are the things I can think now.

-Few spanish prhases

-I've mad few very good and close friends

-I think I`ve improved my english : )


-Streetlife in Spain is beautiful, there is nothing like that in Finland (maybe because of the weather..)

-Cafe con leche, I WILL MISS YOU

-Döner el Raval, döner con pollo, nam.

-Siesta, it should be compulsory in every European Unions country (they make lot of directives there, maybe siesta could be the next one?)

Barcelona is a BIG city for a (stupid) finnish girl like me and only thing I'm missing here is the fresh air and quiet moments. I think this also has got to do something with my apartment, there are 4 to 8 people living depending on the week. hm.

What about Erasmus then.. I think most of my feelings are positive about Erasmus, though the subjects we`ve had, how should I put this.. Well, Let`s say that now I know I really don`t want to study tourism. : )

If there is something I could change maybe it would be the visits. I would have been very happy if my 200€ would have been used into nice dinner outside of the town and maybe if they would have taken us to a small catalan places nearby. YES, I understand that we are in tourism school and that we need to see tourist attractions but why the same tourist attractions that ALL the tourists go anyway?? Tell me, please.

I must say I was very surprised that we had no games or waht so ever in the beginning that we could have get to know better each other. And sad but true I felt that in some point the spirit in our class was almost unbearable.. I think it could have been avoided by simple getting know each other games and maybe a small party outside of the school organized by school.


Still most valuable things you get from Erasmus are not the school or the place you live, not even the city you are in, but the whole expirience of living independently abroad and meeting new people and get to know their habits. That is something you cannot get by watching tv in your home sofa.

This turned to be very open letter, but HEY, that`s me. : )

I`ve had GREAT time here and I wouldn`t change a day, or maybe a few, but not too many. I`m definetely going to enjoy the last weeks and I hope everybody else does the same thing.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004



Time really flies.. especially when familimembers and freind are visiting. It`s wine, food, wine, coffee, food and more wine. I love it.

I have to tell you this:
I met this one catalan artist woman called Anna, beautiful person and excellent sense of humour, obviously that´s not my point, but I want to express that I really liked her. Anyway I asked her opinion also about "catalan issue" and how does she sees herslef, Catalan or Spanish?
She told me that she has been living in Barcelona for all her life and her first language is catalan, still she sees herself as a SPANISH person, especially in front of a foreigner. She said that dislikes people who are fanatical about Catalynias situation. She said also that she is very proud of her roots but she sees no reason why Catalynia should be independent.. So I did my assigment and had nice wine and olives with this lady. It was a nice night.

I don`t know what else to say for the moment.. I`m really looking for the theatre performance tonight. I`m also a littel bit anxious all the time while sittig in front of computer because I might be having a nicest lunch with my sister.. So, I`m gonna go!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

getting lost is a nice hobby


Sì. It was a nice four days off school.
We had lots of wonderful plans, like renting a car and go to small villages outside from barcelona. We didn`t rent a car ( vans were toooooo expencive) and we thought: ok, we`re going to take a train to Cava-festival. We woke up early in the sunday mornig and headed to the station and... tadaa! we took a wrog train.

The train was heading north instead of south but the finnish adventurers didn´t care and we started to look palces that SOUNDED nice.. So Sabadell sounded nice enough and we spent a nice day with cava in Parque de Catalan.

In Finland if the weather is nice most young people go out and have a picnik in a park. In Sabadell we were the only ones and we were looked really with a bad eye. I don`t know was it our good mood or the cava that we were drinking straight from the bottle.. ? Who knows?


Yesterday was a interesting day.

Our spanish test in the morning. =i hope it went well

Then we went to vote with finnish people. It is municipal elections going in Finland at the moment and in my point of a view it is really important to vote and participate to politics. So we found out that we can vote here in Barcelona too.
It wasn´t all about voting because when we went to the Finnis consulate we (again) saw how small the world is. We just walked in and somebody asked: "You must be Tuomas" and Tuomas obviously said: "Yes, I am" .. so there he was standing in Barcelona with his mothers good friend. Five minutes later I hear Sini saying " Oh, nice to see you, how are you?" And there was a girl from same town as Sini... I was just "voting" really hard and wondering that this is just weird. : )

In the night we had our tv!! I mean sort of a tv that works!! I think the commercials were absolutely the best. haahhaaaha!

Thursday, October 07, 2004



Alive again.

Tuesday night I got exited about spanish culture, we had a late dinner just like spanish people and we had nice spanish wine with our dinner, of course. After couple bottels of rosado and few beeers idea of going to downtown felt really good. So we headed to this one bar to meet other students and we had some more beer and the drink of foreing people in Spain: SANGRIA. After that idea of a shot bar sounded absolutely perfect. ( I think you can imagine where this is going..)

Maybe three o´clock in the mornig everybody else wanted to go home. But NO, not me. So everyone left and I stayed and I think I was home around six or seven in the morning. Yesterday I woke up at five in the afternoon and decided not to go out ever again in my life.
(but in the other hand, today there is erasmus party..) : ) this brings me nice to my other subject.

Last night we watched movie made for us and from us: "Spanish apartment". Movie was about erasmus student who come to Barcelona for one year. It was really funny and also so true. While watching the movie I started to think how we must look to the local people. We are sterotypes of people who come here just for a short period and try to get everything out of it by making "THIS I WANT TO DO IN BCN"-lists, screaming in supermarkets how wine in soooooo cheap and ordering sangria with bad spanish. Hm. But what else could we do? Just like a french guy in the movie thought; we are stragers here no matter what we do. And the thing is why think something like this when I can just enjoy myself here. ?

Oh, one more thing. Flower man from our street has learnt another word in english, now he says "Good moorning, hello!". I like him.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004



Obviously other students has arrived to the university. Lots of people and lots of noice, just like in Finland. Also the nearest cafeteria is really packed during the lunch time, excactly the same in Finland. But one thing is really not the same. At all.

EVERYONE SMOKES POT. EVERYBODY. At least that how it seems.

Yesterday we went to the nearest café with Sini and for a moment a though I`m in Amsterdams Doors Coffeeshop or somewhere in the deighbourhood. Lots of thick smoke.
I don`t mind, really, but there are not many people in Finland who would roll a joint in front of their teacher. If they did they`d propably be kicked out from the school.

This is one of the cultural diffrencies I think. As far as I know smoking pot is illeagal in Spain, am I right? But the police doesen´t care? And obviously does no one else.

In Finland smoking pot is something that people do behind the doors and smokers are still connected to criminals and chunkies. That is a shame. If one wants to do it, why not?

I`m not going to praise drugs here or anything like that I just find it hmmmm...
SO DIFFERENT. And I`m not sure if I got the point of smoking in the middle of the school day, what`s that about?

oK. That was THE thinking of today. Now it`s time for siesta.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday it is..


Time really goes fast. I realized that I left Finland almost 7 weeks ago and to be honest I really don'`t miss it at all. (Maybe the ryebread but nothing else..)

¿What were my expectaions before coming to Barcelona?

I had heard A LOT about the city, everyone told me that it is the most livelyest and beautiful city in the whole Europe perhaps.. I also heard (too) many stories about pickpockets and of course the gorgeous guys who worship skandinavian girls. Cheap wine, excellent tapas and too many bars to visit. You know the normal dilemma of dogs? - too many trees and so little time.

So, apparently I was really excited about this city before coming here.
But I made a promise to myself: I wouldn`t expect anything and I would take things as they would come. This was because usually plans, at least mine, won`t really work out as I`ve thought. I mean plans like "oh then in Barcelona I will totally enjoy myself and meet the richest guy of Spain and He will marry me and after that I`m going to be Miss Universum..." Now you can see maybe one of the reasons my plans won`t work out. I simply tried to expect nothing at all. I think I succeeded in this.

And the first weeks has been something I could never even dream of.

Here comes the highlights.. tadaa!

La Mercè: After the enormous pyromusical last sunday I was on fire. I´ve never seen anything like that and I`m afraid that I might not see it in the future.. At least next new years eve I`m going to stay indoors.

Flowerman on our street: " Good morning, guapa!" He says everytime when I pass by, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Our school: We have got TURTLES in our schools backyard. (In Finland my family has got one as a pet.)

Parc de la Ciutadella: Jazz music in the most beautiful enviroment with palms growing inside the restaurant. Atmosphere was something unbelievable.

And I have to admit..

Wine: It is SO cheap.
Bars: There must be thousands of them!
Food: I just love it.
Gorgeous boys: They are smiling. A lot.

These are my happy feelings at the moment and I`m so much waiting to see and study more about the city. And I`ve made another promise to myself: when I go back to Finland I can speak even a little bit of Spanish. And I wouldn´t mind having the rich AND guapo boyfriend as a souvenir. : )

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

In Barcelona, finally..


Hóla! This is funny and exiting at the same time. I hope my english gets better just by writing it.

So, this is my journal about my staying in Barcelona and I am going to report here (almost) everything I will expirience. Fine.

So far the best thing that happend to me was our apartment, it felt like we never could have one. Last week was all about going aroud the city with a map and dozens of addresses to visit. We saw so meny dirty apartments, weird renters, people who didn`t want to rent their apartment to us and old people in the hallways. We had lunch on the street and we slept in dutch girls place ( thank YOU for that ). All this and my travelling around before coming here made me really really tired and a little bit kranky as well. So now I`m so happy that we have got a place to stay and I can cook in the kitchen. : )