Thursday, October 07, 2004



Alive again.

Tuesday night I got exited about spanish culture, we had a late dinner just like spanish people and we had nice spanish wine with our dinner, of course. After couple bottels of rosado and few beeers idea of going to downtown felt really good. So we headed to this one bar to meet other students and we had some more beer and the drink of foreing people in Spain: SANGRIA. After that idea of a shot bar sounded absolutely perfect. ( I think you can imagine where this is going..)

Maybe three o┬┤clock in the mornig everybody else wanted to go home. But NO, not me. So everyone left and I stayed and I think I was home around six or seven in the morning. Yesterday I woke up at five in the afternoon and decided not to go out ever again in my life.
(but in the other hand, today there is erasmus party..) : ) this brings me nice to my other subject.

Last night we watched movie made for us and from us: "Spanish apartment". Movie was about erasmus student who come to Barcelona for one year. It was really funny and also so true. While watching the movie I started to think how we must look to the local people. We are sterotypes of people who come here just for a short period and try to get everything out of it by making "THIS I WANT TO DO IN BCN"-lists, screaming in supermarkets how wine in soooooo cheap and ordering sangria with bad spanish. Hm. But what else could we do? Just like a french guy in the movie thought; we are stragers here no matter what we do. And the thing is why think something like this when I can just enjoy myself here. ?

Oh, one more thing. Flower man from our street has learnt another word in english, now he says "Good moorning, hello!". I like him.


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