Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday it is..


Time really goes fast. I realized that I left Finland almost 7 weeks ago and to be honest I really don'`t miss it at all. (Maybe the ryebread but nothing else..)

¿What were my expectaions before coming to Barcelona?

I had heard A LOT about the city, everyone told me that it is the most livelyest and beautiful city in the whole Europe perhaps.. I also heard (too) many stories about pickpockets and of course the gorgeous guys who worship skandinavian girls. Cheap wine, excellent tapas and too many bars to visit. You know the normal dilemma of dogs? - too many trees and so little time.

So, apparently I was really excited about this city before coming here.
But I made a promise to myself: I wouldn`t expect anything and I would take things as they would come. This was because usually plans, at least mine, won`t really work out as I`ve thought. I mean plans like "oh then in Barcelona I will totally enjoy myself and meet the richest guy of Spain and He will marry me and after that I`m going to be Miss Universum..." Now you can see maybe one of the reasons my plans won`t work out. I simply tried to expect nothing at all. I think I succeeded in this.

And the first weeks has been something I could never even dream of.

Here comes the highlights.. tadaa!

La Mercè: After the enormous pyromusical last sunday I was on fire. I´ve never seen anything like that and I`m afraid that I might not see it in the future.. At least next new years eve I`m going to stay indoors.

Flowerman on our street: " Good morning, guapa!" He says everytime when I pass by, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Our school: We have got TURTLES in our schools backyard. (In Finland my family has got one as a pet.)

Parc de la Ciutadella: Jazz music in the most beautiful enviroment with palms growing inside the restaurant. Atmosphere was something unbelievable.

And I have to admit..

Wine: It is SO cheap.
Bars: There must be thousands of them!
Food: I just love it.
Gorgeous boys: They are smiling. A lot.

These are my happy feelings at the moment and I`m so much waiting to see and study more about the city. And I`ve made another promise to myself: when I go back to Finland I can speak even a little bit of Spanish. And I wouldn´t mind having the rich AND guapo boyfriend as a souvenir. : )


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