Wednesday, October 13, 2004

getting lost is a nice hobby


Sì. It was a nice four days off school.
We had lots of wonderful plans, like renting a car and go to small villages outside from barcelona. We didn`t rent a car ( vans were toooooo expencive) and we thought: ok, we`re going to take a train to Cava-festival. We woke up early in the sunday mornig and headed to the station and... tadaa! we took a wrog train.

The train was heading north instead of south but the finnish adventurers didn´t care and we started to look palces that SOUNDED nice.. So Sabadell sounded nice enough and we spent a nice day with cava in Parque de Catalan.

In Finland if the weather is nice most young people go out and have a picnik in a park. In Sabadell we were the only ones and we were looked really with a bad eye. I don`t know was it our good mood or the cava that we were drinking straight from the bottle.. ? Who knows?


Yesterday was a interesting day.

Our spanish test in the morning. =i hope it went well

Then we went to vote with finnish people. It is municipal elections going in Finland at the moment and in my point of a view it is really important to vote and participate to politics. So we found out that we can vote here in Barcelona too.
It wasn´t all about voting because when we went to the Finnis consulate we (again) saw how small the world is. We just walked in and somebody asked: "You must be Tuomas" and Tuomas obviously said: "Yes, I am" .. so there he was standing in Barcelona with his mothers good friend. Five minutes later I hear Sini saying " Oh, nice to see you, how are you?" And there was a girl from same town as Sini... I was just "voting" really hard and wondering that this is just weird. : )

In the night we had our tv!! I mean sort of a tv that works!! I think the commercials were absolutely the best. haahhaaaha!


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Eeva

It seems like you had quite an exciting time - it makes what I did sound positively boring!

December 15, 2004 at 10:44 AM  

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