Wednesday, October 27, 2004



Time really flies.. especially when familimembers and freind are visiting. It`s wine, food, wine, coffee, food and more wine. I love it.

I have to tell you this:
I met this one catalan artist woman called Anna, beautiful person and excellent sense of humour, obviously that´s not my point, but I want to express that I really liked her. Anyway I asked her opinion also about "catalan issue" and how does she sees herslef, Catalan or Spanish?
She told me that she has been living in Barcelona for all her life and her first language is catalan, still she sees herself as a SPANISH person, especially in front of a foreigner. She said that dislikes people who are fanatical about Catalynias situation. She said also that she is very proud of her roots but she sees no reason why Catalynia should be independent.. So I did my assigment and had nice wine and olives with this lady. It was a nice night.

I don`t know what else to say for the moment.. I`m really looking for the theatre performance tonight. I`m also a littel bit anxious all the time while sittig in front of computer because I might be having a nicest lunch with my sister.. So, I`m gonna go!


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