Tuesday, October 05, 2004



Obviously other students has arrived to the university. Lots of people and lots of noice, just like in Finland. Also the nearest cafeteria is really packed during the lunch time, excactly the same in Finland. But one thing is really not the same. At all.

EVERYONE SMOKES POT. EVERYBODY. At least that how it seems.

Yesterday we went to the nearest café with Sini and for a moment a though I`m in Amsterdams Doors Coffeeshop or somewhere in the deighbourhood. Lots of thick smoke.
I don`t mind, really, but there are not many people in Finland who would roll a joint in front of their teacher. If they did they`d propably be kicked out from the school.

This is one of the cultural diffrencies I think. As far as I know smoking pot is illeagal in Spain, am I right? But the police doesen´t care? And obviously does no one else.

In Finland smoking pot is something that people do behind the doors and smokers are still connected to criminals and chunkies. That is a shame. If one wants to do it, why not?

I`m not going to praise drugs here or anything like that I just find it hmmmm...
SO DIFFERENT. And I`m not sure if I got the point of smoking in the middle of the school day, what`s that about?

oK. That was THE thinking of today. Now it`s time for siesta.


Blogger Graham said...

Some great observations, Eeva! Keep it up! I'm looking forward to hearing what else you have to say!


October 5, 2004 at 4:41 PM  

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