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Thursday, December 02, 2004

time goes by..

Its only three weeks left and then I`ll be back in snowy Finland. I`ve been watching pictures from Helsinki from the net and it looks like every winter=cold. One week ago it was funny, but now when I`m thinking that I`ll be standing in the snow so soon, well, it is just not that funny anymore.

What have I learnt and expirienced here in Barcelona? What will I miss? What I would like to take with me back home? These are the things I can think now.

-Few spanish prhases

-I've mad few very good and close friends

-I think I`ve improved my english : )


-Streetlife in Spain is beautiful, there is nothing like that in Finland (maybe because of the weather..)

-Cafe con leche, I WILL MISS YOU

-Döner el Raval, döner con pollo, nam.

-Siesta, it should be compulsory in every European Unions country (they make lot of directives there, maybe siesta could be the next one?)

Barcelona is a BIG city for a (stupid) finnish girl like me and only thing I'm missing here is the fresh air and quiet moments. I think this also has got to do something with my apartment, there are 4 to 8 people living depending on the week. hm.

What about Erasmus then.. I think most of my feelings are positive about Erasmus, though the subjects we`ve had, how should I put this.. Well, Let`s say that now I know I really don`t want to study tourism. : )

If there is something I could change maybe it would be the visits. I would have been very happy if my 200€ would have been used into nice dinner outside of the town and maybe if they would have taken us to a small catalan places nearby. YES, I understand that we are in tourism school and that we need to see tourist attractions but why the same tourist attractions that ALL the tourists go anyway?? Tell me, please.

I must say I was very surprised that we had no games or waht so ever in the beginning that we could have get to know better each other. And sad but true I felt that in some point the spirit in our class was almost unbearable.. I think it could have been avoided by simple getting know each other games and maybe a small party outside of the school organized by school.


Still most valuable things you get from Erasmus are not the school or the place you live, not even the city you are in, but the whole expirience of living independently abroad and meeting new people and get to know their habits. That is something you cannot get by watching tv in your home sofa.

This turned to be very open letter, but HEY, that`s me. : )

I`ve had GREAT time here and I wouldn`t change a day, or maybe a few, but not too many. I`m definetely going to enjoy the last weeks and I hope everybody else does the same thing.